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Services in exchange of prices have been in practice since the time immemorial. Also in the world of inflation where prices of everything are increasing day by day, availing quality services at nominal prices isn’t the trend of this century. But Hyderabad escort services is still sticking to the earlier era and extending finest escort services at reasonable prices.

Services In Exchange Of Prices

The aim of escort services extended by us is not to earn rather it is to help customers to earn satisfaction and contentment. Though money is not everything, but it is vital for survival in the world, we therefore charge reasonable prices from our escort in exchange of services or happiness catered by our escort.

Not Negotiable And Fixed Rates

The prices charged by escorts are decided by the agency and are fixed i.e. not open to any kind of suggestion or demand for further lowering of prices. They are fixed for standard duration or shot and vary in proportion to the duration, shots or other demands of customers. There cannot be any change in the standard prices of escorts as they are already fixed at low prices.

We further request that any change in the final prices stated by the agency is not welcomed and also full payment through all modes like bank transfer, cash in hand or digital transfers is acceptable. Partial payment of the services is not allowed.

Mode Of Payments

Payments may be transferred in our bank out of escort or the agency, paytm, Google pay, Rupay etc. Foreign customers may transfer amount due to union bank transfer also. Customers also have choice to give the cash prior or post the meet directly to our escorts.


Prices of every escort are mentioned on our website with a view to maintain transparency which is fixed. The prices may vary on the event of small demands by clients. We request customers to talk to our representative regarding the prices. However, you may avail discount on even the cheap services of our escort by availing our services frequently and regularly. The prices of all escorts are not uniform, they vary as per the escorts and services extended by them.

The prices are charged on the basis of period, shots and demands by escorts. The prices mentioned below are fixed for an hour and shot. It escalates as customers’ desires for more duration or shots. Please confirm the final prices due with the unit of Low Rate Escort services of Hyderabad.

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